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  • Lighter than a bar of chocolate
  • Very slim pack size
  • Weighing only 99 gramms
  • Windtunnel tested at bei 80 km/h getestet
  • Length closed: 21 cm
  • Diameter canopy: 90 cm
  • Weight: 99 g
  • Opening mechanism: Handopener
  • Material canopy: 100 % Polyester superthin
  • Amount struts: 6
The lightest pocket umbrella from doppler convinces with 5 notable features: Lightweight: This pocket umbrella is the lightest in our assortment. With a weight of 99 g, it is lighter than even a bar of chocolate. Size: The umbrella is as small as most commercial 0.5L bottles. Therefore, it fits into every pocket and still offers enough protection against wind and weather due to its 90 cm umbrella roof. Windproof: The use of high-quality carbon elements avoids breakage and bending of the ribs in the wind. Strength: Despite its low weight, this model, with its aluminum stick construction and 6 carbon rails, has outstanding rigidity. Simplicity: The practical design of the slider as well as the smooth opening and folding mechanism allow a practical operation Lightest pocket umbrella in the range - under 100g Aluminum shaft, aluminum and carbon ribs Material canopy: 100 % Polyester superthin and super thin Umbrella roof available in a variety of trendy colours Red Dot Award Winner 2019
  • 90 cm

  • 21 cm

  • 99 g

  • 80 km/h