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There's nothing better than sitting in your own oasis of wellness in the garden, on the balcony or on the patio in the summer and being protected from the sun by an umbrella. Are you still looking for an attractive shade provider with UV protection to enhance your outdoor area? Then doppler is the right partner for you!

High-quality umbrellas for balcony and garden

Garden umbrellas are real eye-catchers, no matter where they are placed, and also create a pleasant atmosphere on hot days. Browse through our range to find your perfect sunshade.

Our practical centre-pole umbrellas impress with their stability against wind and weather.
Our 360° rotating cantilever umbrellas ensure that the shade is always in the right place.
Our diverse range also includes useful accessories such as stands and covers.

Discover umbrellas in different versions at doppler

Garden umbrellas are a real must-have in summer. What's special about our selection? From cantilever umbrellas to round market umbrellas, rectangular or square shapes in various colours, sizes and materials, we can meet your individual requirements.

Is sustainability very important to you? Same for us! That's why we offer sustainable umbrellas with canopies made from recycled PET material.
Are you looking for the right sunshade for your balcony? How about one of our easy-to-operate balcony umbrellas with an auto-folding mechanism?
Do you have a lot of space in the garden or on the patio and are looking for maximum shade? Then our large umbrellas with roof dimensions of up to 400 x 300 cm will protect any area from the sun.
Looking for something special? Some of our umbrellas are equipped with LED strips so that they create a cosy atmosphere even at night.
We also offer high-quality umbrellas made in Austria.


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Frequently asked questions about doppler sunshades

What should I look for when purchasing an umbrella?

Parasols are available in countless variations and shapes. So what should you pay particular attention to when buying?

UV protection: Look for a high UV protection factor to ensure adequate protection from the sun's harmful rays. All umbrellas from doppler and derby are equipped with UV protection.
Size: Garden umbrellas are often larger and offer a larger shaded area, while balcony umbrellas are usually more compact.
Material: Look for high-quality materials that are durable and robust. Popular options are aluminium for the frame and polyester for the canopy.
Stability: Make sure that the umbrella is stable and sturdy. Garden umbrellas require a more stable base or mounting option. Balcony umbrellas may need to be fixed to the balcony railing or a wall to ensure stability.
Adjustability: Check whether the parasol has an adjustment system. This allows you to adjust the shade depending on the position of the sun.

What materials are the sunshades made of?

The frames of our umbrellas are made of robust and weather-resistant aluminium, which is also available in a wood look. The roofs of the doppler umbrellas are made of waterproof polyester.

How wind-resistant are the sunshades?

In general, all our umbrellas are wind-stable. However, some parasols have an additional wind valve, which not only ensures that the heat does not build up under the roof, but also reduces the risk of tipping over in strong winds.

Furthermore, our parasols with stands are heavier and are therefore even more protected against the wind. Of course, you can also obtain umbrella stands from us for upgrading.

What sun protection factor do the sunshades have?

Doppler sunshades have a sun protection factor of 50 to 80+, so you can relax in your garden, on the balcony or on the patio with optimum sun protection and shade.

Is a light or dark-coloured umbrella better?

Light-coloured umbrellas have the advantage that they reflect the sunlight, which contributes to a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The heat also doesn't build up so much underneath. On the other hand, darker umbrellas offer better protection from UV rays and bright sunlight. The choice between a light-coloured and a dark-coloured umbrella therefore depends on individual needs and the planned location.

What size umbrella should I order?

Choosing the right umbrella size plays a decisive role in providing effective sun protection and a pleasant outdoor experience. Compact umbrellas with a diameter of around 1.5 to 2 meters are suitable for small balconies or narrow patios. Larger areas such as large patios or gardens require umbrellas with a diameter of 2.5 meters or more to provide sufficient shade.

Balcony umbrella or garden umbrella: What shape should the sunshade have?

On balconies, where space is often limited, rectangular or square umbrellas are ideal as they make optimum use of the available space while providing effective sun protection. A garden umbrella, on the other hand, is characterised by its generous canopy area. Round umbrella designs are typical for garden umbrellas and create a pleasant atmosphere outdoors. However, square umbrellas are also becoming increasingly common in the garden.

Which umbrella provides more shade - round or rectangular?

Round umbrellas, known for their classic charm, provide an even area of shade. In limited areas, however, they quickly come up against a house wall, meaning that shade cannot be provided everywhere. Rectangular umbrellas, on the other hand, are characterised by their elongated shape and can provide uninterrupted shade. Compared to round umbrellas, however, there is only a slight difference in terms of shade area. Ultimately, the choice between round or rectangular depends on personal preference and the space available.

The search for the right umbrella: cantilever umbrella or centre pole?

Cantilever umbrellas offer unique freedom under the roof thanks to the side-mounted pole. They are particularly suitable for smaller areas such as balconies. The centre pole umbrella has the classic umbrella shape with the pole in the centre. This tried-and-tested design is ideal for patios and gardens.

How can I set up umbrellas: swivelling or vertical?

Swivelling sunshades offer a high degree of flexibility when it comes to directing the shade. A swivelling mechanism allows you to align the sunshade depending on the position of the sun and thus adjust the shade area in a targeted manner. Vertical umbrellas have a central pole that is firmly anchored in the centre of the umbrella. This classic design offers stability and robustness and is well suited to fixed locations.

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