doppler umbrellas stand out for their high quality and durability, making them meet even the highest standards. The diverse selection of designs, shapes, and colors transforms the umbrella into a fashionable accessory filled with technical sophistication.



Whether you need a pocket umbrella, a long umbrella, a children's umbrella, or an umbrella for a special occasion, doppler umbrellas are reliable companions that will never let you down in the rain.

doppler offers a fascinating selection of umbrellas that are not only functional but also exude sophistication and style. From our extremely durable Carbonsteel umbrellas that defy even the harshest conditions, to our sustainable companions, and our heroic Superstrong and lightweight umbrellas from the zero series - doppler has the perfect umbrella for every requirement.

We place great emphasis on quality and trust. That's why we offer a three-year warranty for our umbrellas, and even five years for the Carbonsteel series. In the unlikely event of a defect, our in-house replacement and repair service is reliably available, providing quick replacement or professional repairs.

zero umbrellas
Convince with ease

Fashion Collection
Fashionably, even in bad weather

nature Collection
The sustainable choice

Umbrellas made in Austria


All information about the current umbrella range from doppler.


Since 1946, the doppler manufactory has been synonymous with quality, handicrafts and the promise of “Made in Austria”.

doppler Manufaktur umbrellas are the right choice for those who value craftsmanship, individuality, and sustainability. Italian fabrics, European woods from sustainable forestry, and sophisticated technology are the components of each individually crafted umbrella. doppler Manufaktur umbrellas are sustainable products: the highly skilled specialists in the manufacturing workshop not only produce umbrellas but also repair cherished heirloom pieces.

Each meticulously handcrafted Manufaktur umbrella is a true one-of-a-kind: the doppler Manufaktur umbrella is an essential accessory and fashion statement that harmonizes traditional values with a modern attitude, zeitgeist, and sustainability.


"We achieve around 30 % of our umbrella sales with the high-quality manufactured umbrellas. The great designs, high-quality materials and quality workmanship convince our customers."

- Knut Schröder, CEO of the doppler Flagship-Stores "Schirm Bursch" in Cologne


Umbrellas from Knirps stand for German engineering, the highest quality, perfect design and excellent technology.

Knirps umbrellas consist of up to 310 individual parts. Each of these parts embodies technical sophistication and functionality, which become visible in the umbrella with the unmistakable red dot. Since 1928, Knirps has been continuously researching and advancing their umbrellas, always guided by the principle of functionality paired with minimalist design, without unnecessary frills.

The high quality of Knirps products, which make a unique product promise, is backed by a five-year warranty and a repair service. In addition to practical pocket umbrellas, the range is complemented by classic stick umbrellas and partner umbrellas.


The world of Knirps umbrellas and detailed information about the extensive range.


Attractive price-perfomance ratio - the derby umbrellas are made for the price-concious public.

derby umbrellas impress with their well-rounded concept and attractive price-performance ratio. In the affordable segment, derby sets standards and distinguishes itself skillfully from the competition. Despite the lower price, customers do not have to worry about compromising on technology and design – quite the opposite. Quality and a low price are not contradictory at derby.

As the youngest member of the doppler family, derby offers a fashionable range that particularly appeals to a young clientele who appreciates functional products. Fashion-conscious occasional buyers are guaranteed to find what they are looking for in the product range. It includes all relevant items - from practical pocket umbrellas to classic long umbrellas.

Like all brands from the doppler heritage, derby umbrellas adhere to clear brand standards in terms of mechanics, fabric quality, and color. The affordable price is achieved through efficient large-scale production and optimized product depth.


Detailed information about the range of derby umbrellas can be found in our current catalog!

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