Warranty conditions

doppler is a manufacturer of high quality umbrellas and sunshades. The products of doppler brand are known all over the world. We therefore provide a warranty on the doppler brand for 3 years from the date of purchase.

The warranty includes, at our option, the repair or replacement of the product or the elimination of all defects that are due to material or manufacturing defects. This will not involve any costs for you. At doppler's option, the purchase price of the product may also be refunded, with the loss in value of the product being credited against the purchase price. Warranty service or replacement of parts will not result in an extension of the warranty period. Proof of purchase must be provided by presenting the original sales invoice and is a prerequisite for claiming under the warranty.

The warranty is valid worldwide. It applies only to the original end user (consumer) and is not transferable.

In order to claim the extended warranty of 5 years of Carbonsteel umbrellas no registration is necessary anymore, only the invoice receipt has to be kept.

Excluded from the warranty are damages caused by improper handling; wilful damage to the product by the user; transport damages; normal wear and tear or signs of use; color changes of the textile covering; paint damages caused by normal wear and tear; functional and material defects caused by external influences, e.g. hail, etc.; damages caused by the use of the product by the user; normal wear and tear or signs of user; damage caused by wind, over-turning the crank on the parasol, the parasol falling over, strong pulling on the parasol ribs, damage caused by structural changes to the item as well as defects that only have an insignificant effect on the value or usability of the product.

In accordance with the laws in force in the country of the point of sale, doppler accepts no liability under warranty for incidental or consequential loss or damage of any kind resulting from limited or impossible use of the product.

The statutory warranty rights for defects remain unaffected by the warranty.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us directly in advance.

We are the guarantor and provide the following contact details for making a claim under the warranty:

doppler E. Doppler & Co GmbH, Schlossstraße 24, A-5280 Braunau, [email protected], Tel. no. 0043/7722-632050