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Increased visibility through reflective elements and striking neon fluorescent colors.

Incredible light umbrellas – zero Collection

Very light doppler umbrellas – suitable for every occasion.

Sustainable umbrellas - nature Collection

Umbrellas made from environmentally friendly materials.

doppler Manufactory

High quality, handcrafted umbrellas "Made in Austria"

Oversize umbrellas

Umbrellas which fit for two persons.

Umbrella guide

Here you can find an overview of our most popular umbrellas.


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The umbrella, a high fashion accessory.

Umbrellas accompany us through every day and in every weather – without exception! Anyone who has had to protect themselves from a rain shower will confirm that a doppler umbrella is much more than "just" an umbrella. Our passion determines who we are and what we do. Doppler has been the epitome of umbrellas for 70 years.

We offer our customers a diverse range of high quality umbrellas from timeless to modern designs. No matter the season, whether you prefer classic elegant styles or modern patterns and colors, with an umbrella from doppler you instantly become a trendsetter and can turn every rainy day outfit into a highlight.

Our umbrellas, your taste.

Let yourself be inspired and discover the latest collection in our online shop and order your umbrella in just a few clicks. Among the most sought-after umbrellas are currently the Carbonsteel models and umbrellas by s.Oliver or Bugatti . Also, our couples umbrella with a large canopy roof and our Ultralight umbrella, which bring you through all seasons effortlessly. Discover our collection of pocket umbrellas and long umbrellas , umbrellas for children or special occasions such as weddings , as well as fashion umbrellas and umbrellas with trendy designs or artwork. With an umbrella from doppler you’re ready to rock the world.

We promise you are guaranteed to find the perfect model for you.

Competence, innovation and quality.

Our main principle is to offer the customers the best value for their money in the market. For us, this includes not only the umbrella, but also the service surrounding the umbrella. Constant product development, the use of the best materials and a production with regard to available resources are just a few factors that are important to us. This is reflected, for example, in winning the "Red Dot Award" for our innovative zero, 99 pocket umbrella - the lightest of its kind and driving our commitment to our products forward.