If the weather gods don't mean well with you on the most beautiful day of your life, it doesn't mean that your wedding will necessarily fall through. Even if the sun does not shine from the sky, your wedding can still be unforgettable. The only difference is that you will be wearing our doppler bridal umbrella as an accessory by your side. The simple, white, elegant models were designed especially for you and the most beautiful day of your life and fit with their extravagance, to any wedding dress, whether long umbrella or pocket umbrella. Don't let them get you down and arm yourself against wind and weather with our Wedding umbrella.


Different wedding umbrella models for every bride

In which form you would like to have the wedding umbrella, is of course up to you. We carry a pocket umbrella and two stick umbrella variants. The closed pocket umbrella is 23cm small, handy and with 188g especially light. Its white canopy is made of 100% polyester and lets every drop of water roll off easily. The lightweight pocket umbrella can be opened and closed manually. Our umbrella Special Mini Wedding Uni White also comes with a matching protective cover for storage.

If you would rather have a somewhat larger umbrella by your side, we recommend one of our stick umbrellas. Our Special Long Wedding Automatic White umbrella, is characterized by its round handle (=round hook handle) and maximum carrying comfort. It can be quickly opened automatically and guarantees with its canopy diameter of 107 cm sufficient protection for the bride.

If you wish to sit under the umbrella together with your future husband, you can use our other stick umbrella model. The Big Wedding Transparent, with its above average large umbrella roof diameter provides enough space for two. Its canopy is transparent and provides reliable protection from inclement weather. Due to the practical closure strap, it can be worn inconspicuously as an accessory after use.