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Checker Marina checks umbrella production at doppler
Children's documentary provides insights into umbrella manufacturing

Marina, a checker from the popular German children's educational show "The Checkers," recently paid a visit to doppler in Braunau. The result: A documentary about the umbrella craft, allowing young viewers to witness step by step the production of an umbrella.

Braunau, March 19, 2024. Many individual steps and a great deal of finesse are required until an umbrella is completed – Marina, the protagonist of the children's TV show "The Checkers," could see this for herself. During her visit, she not only customized her umbrella but also handcrafted it with the expertise and support of doppler's staff. Accompanied by shareholder Ulrike Kinder, Marina was guided through the entire umbrella production process at doppler. "We are pleased that the handcrafted umbrella manufacturing process here in Braunau is being highlighted by the popular show 'The Checkers.' This gives us the opportunity to show a young audience how quality products are made in Austria," says Ulrike Kinder. The episode "The Rain Check" will air on March 23 at 7:25 p.m. on KIKA. Afterwards, the show will be available on the ARD Mediathek and YouTube.

Step by step to your favorite umbrella
Even before the first production step, Checker Marina faced a wide selection of high-quality fabrics, umbrella frames, and various handles – from striking check patterns to plain classics, and from lacquered wood to hand-stitched leather handles, there were many options. Crafting the umbrella requires a great deal of dexterity. With their years of experience, doppler's staff provided supportive assistance, allowing Marina to hold her personal umbrella in her hands in the end. "Understanding the umbrella craft, its many individual steps, and the great care behind it is best achieved when you have worked on an umbrella yourself. With Checker Marina's visit, even the youngest viewers now see the craftsmanship and love put into every umbrella by doppler," Ulrike Kinder adds.

Visible protection: Check
Checker Marina also used her visit to doppler to sign autograph cards and umbrellas from the Safety umbrella series. The bright pink, yellow, and green umbrellas feature reflective elements and were specially designed to enhance children's visibility. Thus, they not only provide reliable protection against rain but also in traffic. Fans can win doppler umbrellas and autograph cards signed by Marina for the start of the school year in autumn through doppler's social media channels.

Successful "Checkers" explain the world
The children's educational format "The Checkers" is a production of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation and has been broadcast on KIKA, the children's channel of ARD and ZDF, since 2013. In each episode, different questions are presented and answered in a child-friendly manner, such as "Who was the first person to wear glasses?" or "Why do you have to dig deep to build high?". The TV series has been popular for years – two "Checker" films have been released, and in addition to a YouTube channel, there is also a podcast.

doppler Umbrella Dances at the famous Vienna Opera Ball
Carbonsteel Mini Slim as a Reliable and Stylish Companion at the State Opera

For an elegant appearance - regardless of the weather - guests of the Vienna Opera Ball will receive a doppler umbrella as a gentleman's gift this year. The Carbonsteel Mini Slim not only impresses with its noble design but also serves as reliable protection against wind and weather for the guests. Thanks to its compact size, the pocket umbrella fits into the breast pocket of any tailcoat or tuxedo, adding the finishing touch to the Opera Ball outfit as an accessory.

Braunau, February 2024. Thursday will once again be "All Waltz!" at the State Opera. This year, the Austrian umbrella manufacturer doppler is providing the gentlemen of the evening with an Opera Ball edition of the compact pocket umbrella Carbonsteel Mini Slim - an umbrella to dance in the rain. The collaboration between doppler and the Vienna State Opera enables fashionable and dry appearances under all conditions.

Elegant Duo
"In the collaborations for the Opera Ball, the organizers specifically focused on Austrian companies. We are pleased to have been contacted as a traditional company from Braunau and to provide the gentlemen of the Opera Ball with our umbrellas as a reliable companion this year," says Martin Würflingsdobler, CEO of doppler. The Opera Ball edition of the navy-blue doppler umbrella features the Opera Ball logo and is an elegant addition to the ladies' gift - a Swarovski ear clip from the Mesmera jewelry line.

Compact yet strong
With an ultra-lightweight of 220g, the handy Carbonsteel Mini Slim, thanks to the use of resilient carbon and steel, provides protection in any weather - tests in the wind tunnel have shown that the slim pocket umbrella can withstand strong gusts of up to 100 km/h with ease. Additionally, a 5-year warranty ensures lasting enjoyment of the umbrella. Protective umbrella canopies are available at doppler not only in various colors but also in a variety of sizes, ranging from 6990 to 13314 cm in diameter. From the constant companion that fits into any pocket to the large umbrella under which two people can find shelter: A doppler umbrella is always a strong and stylish way to brave all weather conditions.

The Vienna Opera Ball 2024
The Vienna Opera Ball, considered the highlight of the Austrian ball season, has a long tradition. This year, it will take place for the 66th time at the Vienna State Opera on February 8th. Over 5,000 ball guests and around 2.5 million television viewers annually follow the event and participate as 160 debutante couples open the ball of balls with a waltz. Once again this year, a portion of the ticket proceeds from the Opera Ball will benefit the initiative "Austria helps Austria."

Succession at the Traditional Company doppler

CEO Martin Würflingsdobler Expands International Trade

Martin Würflingsdobler, leading the Braunau-based traditional company in its fourth generation, now takes on the sole management of doppler, expanding the company's export activities. The prominent umbrella manufacturer, with branches in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and China, plans to reinforce its team, increase presence at international trade fairs, and implement cross-border online sales initiatives.

Braunau, January 30, 2024. After two years of joint leadership with his father, Hermann Würflingsdobler, Martin Würflingsdobler has assumed sole management of the family-owned company, doppler. Implementing various measures internationally, he emphasizes exporting doppler products, particularly in Europe, for the current year. The company distributes rain and garden umbrellas, seat cushions, and garden furniture under the brands doppler, doppler Manufaktur, Knirps, and derby.

New Professional Chapter Unveils New Potentials "The 35 years during which my father led the company were marked by foresight and tireless dedication to the success and growth of our business. I am pleased that he continues to oversee important areas of the company," says Martin Würflingsdobler, who has been part of the doppler team since 2015. Würflingsdobler's vision extended beyond Austria during his studies at FH Steyr. In 2008, he completed a semester abroad at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. After earning his master's degree, he gained valuable experience at BMW in Steyr before joining the family business. Over six years, he held the sales management position in the Individual division and, most recently, co-led the company with his father. Now, it's time for a new professional chapter. "I look forward to tackling the potentials and goals with our professional and motivated team," says Martin Würflingsdobler.

Hidden Champion Aims for European Recognition by expanding international distribution, doppler lays a significant foundation for expanding export activities and entering new international markets. "So far, we have mainly exported our products to Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, and Switzerland. After thorough preparations, we will significantly advance growth in additional countries this year and ensure a stronger presence in Europe through various measures," explains Martin Würflingsdobler. Spaces at important international fairs in Oslo, Milan, and Paris have already been booked. Furthermore, doppler has recently seen pleasing growth in the rain segment in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, and Italy. Building on its successful past, with the current export rate already exceeding 80 percent, doppler sees potential not only in Europe but also in the Asian market, where the umbrella manufacturer is particularly known for the Knirps brand.

Digital Initiatives for International Market Growth In the E-commerce sector, doppler is investing in new websites in Italy and France, as well as expanding the doppler Manufaktur Online Shop, which will be available in English in spring. Digital marketplaces will focus on countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands this year. "We want to inspire even more people with our high-quality products and provide them with the opportunity to obtain them beyond national and language borders," explains Martin Würflingsdobler about his plans for the coming year.

Safety First: New doppler Umbrella Series Enhances Visibility

Navigate through dawn safely with Pink, Yellow, or Green

Whether on the way to kindergarten, school, or work in the morning, or during an evening stroll – the new Safety umbrellas from doppler ensure visibility. The brightly colored pink, yellow, or green umbrella canopy, along with reflective elements, make the umbrella and its carrier easily noticeable on sidewalks and crosswalks.

Braunau, October 24, 2023. Safety through dusk and darkness – especially in the autumn and winter months, this is a challenge due to poor lighting conditions or darkness. Lack of visibility often leads to dangerous situations on the road. Following the motto "Be visible, be safe," the new doppler umbrella series "Safety" ensures that you can be seen from a distance.

Visible with certainty

Gloomy weather and poor visibility on the way to school or home are typical of the colder seasons. Additionally, pedestrians wearing dark clothing are challenging for drivers or cyclists to see from greater distances. "We recognized the need, especially for children, to provide visibility and thus safety during dusk and darkness. With the Safety series, we have succeeded in developing not only a stylish accessory for protection against rain but also in making pedestrians more visible in traffic," says Thomas Pentenrieder, Innovation Designer at doppler. With an umbrella roof and a cover made of fluorescent material in the colors pink, yellow, or green, as well as reflective elements on the roof, cover, and wrist strap, doppler's Safety umbrellas are particularly eye-catching. The product series ranges from compact pocket umbrellas for one person to an XXL version for shared journeys. The umbrellas ensure visibility in multiple ways: when open in the rain and closed, for example, in the side compartment of a school bag or backpack. "Due to their lightweight, high-quality construction, non-slip grip, and numerous technical features such as the automatic open-close function, the umbrellas are also uncomplicated and practical to use," adds Thomas Pentenrieder.

Variety for children and relief for parents
doppler summer program offered care, play, and fun

Painting rain and sun umbrellas, playground activities, participating in the circus, visiting the fire department and rescue services, and a trip to the Dino Park – all of this was on the agenda for doppler's summer holiday care program. For two weeks in August, children of doppler employees experienced diverse activities. The family-owned company responded to the need for childcare options for working parents during the holiday season.

Braunau, August 22, 2023: Nine weeks of summer vacation and the associated childcare pose a challenge for parents due to limited vacation capacities. This was also the case for many doppler employees: "We recognized the need for childcare during the summer holidays for mothers and fathers in our company. As a family-owned company, we want to support our employees in this regard. That's why doppler, in collaboration with Kinderfreunde Innviertel, organized a two-week holiday care program for the first time this year," explains doppler partner Ulrike Kinder.

Summer activities for participation

The holiday program offered young participants a diverse package of activities from morning to late afternoon. This ranged from interactive games to craft projects, as well as a visit to the Volunteer Fire Department in Ranshofen and other exciting excursions. The children were supervised and accompanied by two knowledgeable caregivers from Kinderfreunde Innviertel. Additionally, doppler organized and provided healthy meals. The 14 participating children, as well as their parents, benefited from the holiday program: while the children engaged in crafting, playing, discovering new things, and being active, parents knew their children were well cared for and could focus on their work in peace. "We are pleased that such a diverse offering was successful and will take the positive feedback into consideration for planning next year," says Ulrike Kinder.

Knirps Wins Design Award
New Sunshade Series "Apoll" Impresses with Modern and Innovative Design

The new Apoll series by Knirps combines minimalist design and thoughtful features under a single roof. The sunshades have now been recognized for their remarkable design performance at the German Design Award 2023.

Braunau, May 31, 2023: Between Light and Shadow: While the name "Apoll" is primarily known in Greek and Roman mythology as the god of light, in the case of Knirps' new sunshade series, it signifies shade. From the beginning of the development process, Knirps focused on exclusivity and innovation in the design of these umbrellas. The result is convincing: The Apoll center pole umbrella model, measuring 240 x 240 cm, was awarded the "Special Mention" distinction for remarkable design performance at the German Design Award 2023. The products of the Apoll series are both clean and sophisticated, featuring a fusion of modern aesthetics and practical functions, making them eye-catching for the upcoming summer days. "The combination of design purism and high functionality ensures that the sunshades are timeless and thus bring prolonged enjoyment," says Andreas Thiele from Knirps, the product designer of the Apoll series.

The Perfect Umbrella for Every Sun Situation

With various models and customizable settings, the Apoll sunshades are perfectly adaptable to terrace and balcony environments. Round, rectangular, or square: Four sizes are available in different colors and shapes. As a special feature, there's also a limited Black Edition series with a matte black finish and silver highlights. The patented "Knirps Easy Tilt®" tilting function allows the umbrella to be tilted up to 30° degrees after opening, and with height and depth adjustability, it can be effortlessly positioned according to personal preferences and the angle of the sun. Through its customizable positioning, it not only provides shade during high and low sun positions but also offers maximum UV protection of 80. "As a complement to these visually striking sunshades, Knirps also offers aesthetically matching accessories. For customers looking for the complete package, we provide suitable granite or steel bases with wheels or trolley function. This allows the Apoll umbrella to be effortlessly moved to the desired position," explains Franziska Eschetshuber, Brand Manager at Knirps.

Well-Protected in All Weather Conditions

World-renowned as a brand for umbrellas, Knirps has been developing sunshades since 2012. The focus lies on a small, curated selection of design-strong and high-quality balcony, center pole, and cantilever umbrellas. With the new Apoll series, Knirps has successfully expanded its sunshade segment. The brand, associated with doppler since 2005, remains true to its identity. "With the Apoll series, we have introduced sunshades to the market that reflect the Knirps brand and its commitment to quality and aesthetics combined with functionality. Exclusive aesthetics and practical handling are also promised by the new and innovative developments from Knirps, currently in progress," says Franziska Eschetshuber.

Everything under one roof: doppler strengthens regional value creation

With the "Made in Austria" production of garden umbrellas, doppler meets the specific requirements of the gastronomy industry. The company is now enhancing regional production through the expansion of its development department and customer service team.

Braunau, March 2023: The primary focus for the Braunau-based family business, doppler, is to have as short transport routes as possible. The sunshades, specially developed to meet the demands of the gastronomy industry, are produced almost exclusively in Austria. Following the highest quality standards, fabrics are sewn and umbrellas are completed in final assembly at the Braunau plant. "Through 'Made in Austria' production, we can offer our customers very short delivery times. The biggest advantage of our regional production is that we can quickly and promptly implement individual customer requests, even though we manufacture on a per-order basis and often in a highly customized manner," emphasizes doppler CEO Martin Würflingsdobler the benefits of local production. "We are more than willing to take the time to plan and implement individual products with our customers," says Daniel Wildzeiss, Sales Manager of the Gastro division at doppler. "Upon request, we create personalized comprehensive concepts with umbrellas, furniture, and cushions."

Firsthand expertise however, focusing solely on regional production is not enough: doppler emphasizes expanding its knowledge base and is therefore further developing its development department in Braunau. In addition to the development team, the service team is also being strengthened, enabling on-site assembly and repairs to be provided directly and promptly for customers in the gastronomy industry. Through close networking and constant exchange between the production facilities in Braunau, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, doppler consolidates its in-house knowledge and further enhances its competencies.

Customized gastronomy solutions withstand wind, weather, and high summer especially for commercial use, the demands on equipment are high: doppler focuses on functional and robust products for its gastronomy umbrellas that can withstand wind and weather. All roofs in the gastronomy segment are made of water-repellent, highly light- and colorfast material, which can be delivered with a valance or wind vent upon request. Speaking of delivery: The two models, Goliath and Gastro Pendulum, are assembled directly on-site by doppler's after-sales service team. From advising and planning the right shading for the restaurant garden or terrace to installation, doppler's employees maintain close customer contact, ensuring and securing the extremely high quality standards in all areas.

Made in Austria: doppler Focuses on Regionalism

With the umbrella series "mia," doppler emphasizes local value creation even more

The Austrian family business, doppler, presents four new umbrella models at the International Leather Goods Fair (ILM) in Offenbach am Main. With the "mia" series, the umbrella manufacturer places an even stronger emphasis on quality from the heart of Europe, as all the models are "Made in Austria."

Braunau, February 6, 2023: With the new "mia" umbrella series, the Braunau-based manufacturer, doppler, further expands its durable umbrella range. The four new models are produced regionally at the Braunau location, thus supporting local value creation. "The 'mia' umbrellas are responsibly designed and manufactured according to doppler standards," says Martin Würflingsdobler, doppler's CEO, adding, "This utilizes a manufacturing process that our brand has stood for since the company's inception."

However, doppler doesn't only focus on the sustainability aspect of its products during production: All umbrellas come with a five-year warranty and a lifelong repair service. With this, doppler offers its customers an extended product lifecycle and worry-free service. The lifelong repair service applies not only to the new "mia" series but to all rain and sun umbrellas by doppler.

From Innsbruck to Vienna

doppler now introduces four new models inspired by Austrian state capitals. The two compact pocket umbrellas, "Innsbruck" and "Salzburg," are particularly handy and lightweight. The practical open-close automatic function of the "Salzburg" model ensures effortless opening and closing of the umbrella. The "Vienna" long umbrella exudes a classic feel with its sturdy wooden handle, making it a high-quality everyday companion even beyond the capital city. The "Graz" long umbrella, with its automatic opening mechanism and minimalist design, presents a strikingly modern appearance.

Despite the individual strengths of the four umbrella models, they share one thing in common: the entire series is "Made in Austria," as the name "mia" suggests. Ensuring that the umbrellas remain affordable for everyone despite their regional production was a particular concern for doppler, as explained by Martin Würflingsdobler: "Sustainability must be possible and affordable for everyone. We intentionally wanted to offer a product that is produced in Austria but positioned at a price point below the exclusive umbrellas of the doppler factory."

Two domestic manufactories under one umbrella

doppler Manufaktur and the Viennese jewellery manufacturer MASCHALINA unite for a joint product

Manufacture quality in a double pack: doppler Manufaktur joins forces with the Viennese jewellery manufactory MASCHALINA to design an exclusive umbrella with a particularly noble design and handcrafted details. 

Braunau, 24 October 2022: Two family-owned manufacturers from Upper Austria and Vienna are united by a common desire: they want to unite high-quality manufactured products handmade in Austria and offer their customers durable statement accessories made of the finest materials. The result of the doppler Manufaktur X MASCHALINA cooperation goes by the name of "Maschalina" and is an exclusive, lovingly handcrafted doppler Manufaktur umbrella with refined details. The eye-catching Italian paisley fabric in pale pink-apricot and grey together with the grey border makes the umbrella an eye-catcher in the rainy autumn. The high-quality, finely crafted handle made of maple hardwood gives the protective companion stability in any weather. A special detail is the fastening button, which is made by MASCHALINA in social workshops in Vienna and matched to the colours of the exclusively designed umbrella and its octagonal shape. The high-quality button made of waterproof freshwater pearls is sewn directly onto the closure strap of the umbrella in the doppler manufactory and thus becomes an unmistakable part of the high-quality umbrella.

Accessories from a single mould: earrings to match the umbrella

The "Maschalina" model is a limited edition that is produced regionally and elaborately by hand in the doppler manufactory and sold exclusively via the associated online shop. Customers who get their hands on one of the umbrellas will be doubly delighted: they will receive matching MASCHALINA ear studs made of fine freshwater pearls and with a colour-coordinated Swarovski crystal. This so-called "umbrella" design with its metal-coloured tips is reminiscent of the shape of an umbrella. The Viennese jewellery label MASCHALINA is best known for its opulent statement earrings. Being able to wear the matching stud earrings with the umbrella is considered the icing on the cake of the cooperation between the jewellery and umbrella label. Thanks to this high-quality accessory, which is only available in the joint limited edition, the elegant look is complete. The price of the exclusive umbrella earring duo is 199 euros.

Since 22 October, the "Maschalina" umbrella can be purchased exclusively in the doppler Manufaktur online shop - while stocks last.

"Silver Victoria" for doppler SUPERSTRONG image film

Award at the 30th International Business Film Days

Braunau, 04 July 2022: To promote its most resistant pocket umbrella, the Fiber Magic SUPERSTRONG, Europe's largest umbrella manufacturer broke new ground at the beginning of 2021 and staged a product in a cinematographic way for the first time. In cooperation with the Salzburg communication agency movea marketing and the Flachgau production company SolidShot Film Productions, an image film in the style of an agent thriller was created, which convinced the jury of the 30th International Business Film Festival. For the spot, doppler now received the "Silver Victoria" trophy in the B2C marketing film category. "We are very proud of the result - thanks to the attention-grabbing production, the video sticks with the viewers and serves us well," says a delighted Michael Ornig, Head of Marketing & E-Commerce at doppler.

Aaaand action!
The concept, script and project management for the product film of the strongest doppler pocket umbrella, which is characterised by its sophisticated material composition of high-quality aluminium and fibreglass paired with the latest technology, came from the creative minds of the agency movea marketing. "We have staged the Superstrong in the environment of powerful bolides from the world of Hollywood bodyguards and agents. It was challenging to realise this elaborate set within the given budget - especially as the production deadline collided with tough lockdowns. In the end, a 360-degree campaign was created that focuses in particular on B2B communication to retailers and at trade fairs," says Stefan Ornig, Managing Director of movea.

The action-packed video was shot over two days in the city of Salzburg and in Zell am See. The team spared neither expense nor effort to perfectly stage the SUPERSTRONG as the unshakeable hero of the doppler umbrella family. You can see the award-winning result under the following link. 

The International Business Film Festival ...
... was founded in 1962 and is the oldest festival in German-speaking countries specifically for the business film industry. For 60 years they have united and inspired people from business, industry, tourism, public bodies, the film industry, the agency scene and the TV and media industry. Every two years, the popular Victoria Trophies are awarded in gold, silver and black.

Green Product Award for the Knirps VISION

Award for a sustainable future

Braunau, 21 June 2022: It is now official: The Knirps VISION is a particularly sustainable product. This was the conclusion reached by the jury of the Green Product Award, which presented the Knirps VISION with the award for "The Most Sustainable Quality Umbrella".

The award recognises products and services from established companies and start-ups for their outstanding achievements in the areas of sustainability, design and innovation. 1,500 participants from 54 countries had applied, 52,000 votes decided who would ultimately be among the winners. "We have developed a product in a category that has not really been looked at from an environmental point of view before," says David Sternbauer, Product Manager Knirps, delighted about this award.

Masterpiece in sustainability
What makes the Knirps VISION so special? The fabric for the umbrella roof is made from recycled PET bottles and coated with ecorepel® - a PFC-free, biodegradable water- and dirt-repellent layer. The handle, slider, crown and top are made of Trifilon®, a biocomposite material made from natural hemp. This is significantly more durable than conventional plastic and is 100 percent industrially compostable. The composting of Trifilon® does not produce any microplastics - unlike plastic, which is disposed of in household waste. The convenient opening and closing mechanism at the touch of a button, combined with the 97-centimetre diameter and durable material components of the frame, make the VISION an indispensable, future-oriented and wind tunnel-tested everyday hero. A five-year guarantee and a competent repair service are part of the Knirps quality promise.

Living oasis under the open sky

Outdoor area all of a piece: with sunshades, cushions and garden furniture from doppler

Braunau, 9 June 2022: In summer, living space can be wonderfully shifted outdoors - for eating, drinking and relaxing. The products from doppler are particularly stylish and of the highest quality. As a complete supplier for the garden, the traditional company offers a range of balcony, garden and terrace solutions. "Many of our customers want a uniform appearance for their outdoor area. With our parasols, the colour-coordinated cushions and functional garden furniture, we can offer this from a single source," explains Martin Würflingsdobler, Managing Director of doppler.

Off to the garden!

"Our range of parasols for gardens and terraces extends from small to large models, from round to square, from low-priced to higher-priced. There is something suitable for all space conditions and all demands," assures Würflingsdobler.

In addition to their special beauty of form, doppler garden products impress with their innovative and user-friendly functions. The so-called auto-tilt function, which allows the parasol to bend simply by cranking it further, is particularly popular with doppler customers. The variably adjustable pendulum parasols with features such as smooth-running crank mechanism, axial swivel or dimmable light bands are also extremely popular. Thanks to the greatest possible flexibility, they always provide shade where it is needed.

The Easy Move Switch trolley base has also proven its worth, allowing the shade to be pulled from A to B with little effort, ensuring the best shade at all times. The range of garden furniture, be it loungers, chairs, colour-coordinated cushions, tables or lounge furniture, is constantly being expanded to meet the great demand and rounds off the doppler range.

Small balcony, maximum flexibility

Those who enjoy their freedom in a small space will also find suitable sunshades in various shapes and colours at doppler. The doppler Active balcony screen is a product that is unsurpassed in terms of flexibility. It can be used both as a privacy screen and as a sunshade, has a UV protection rating of 50+, can be infinitely tilted, moved to the right or left, set up and adjusted in height. A true all-rounder for small balconies, which has won several awards such as the German Design Award.

In terms of practicality, the "half" plinths, explicitly for the reduced space on the balcony, and the balcony bracket are in no way inferior to the fascia. The granite plinth can be placed directly against the railing or balcony wall thanks to its narrow, rectangular shape and the laterally offset support tube. The balcony clamp, developed by in-house product designers, serves as a supplement for a secure hold of the umbrella and can be attached directly to the railing. The EXPERT balcony furniture with a practical hanging board for storage when not in use completes the full balcony furnishing.

Everything from one colour world

An example of a well thought-out design world is the Alu-Wood line. "It includes umbrellas, bases, cushions and furniture in the same cosy look. In combination with all the products, we create a coherent unit that makes the garden look like a single entity," explains Würflingsdobler. The Alu Wood series in a friendly wood look combines the beauty of wood with the advantages of a light, weather-resistant aluminium frame in combination with sturdy steel. In contrast to most imitation wood, the aluminium frame of the Alu Wood parasols is not glued on, but powder-coated in a natural ash wood look.

The online shop relaunched in 2020 receives acquisa award in the "Fashion & Accessories" category

Braunau, 03 May 2022: At the end of 2020, Knirps' online shop underwent a relaunch, which was also accompanied by a new design language.

"The shop is very important for the Knirps brand as well as for our products as a high-quality presentation space - for B2B as well as for B2C," explains Bernhard Lindner, Head of Sales & Marketing Knirps. "With the black, simple look, we want to create an exclusive ambience," adds Michael Ornig, Head of Marketing & E-Commerce. Innovative features such as the digital product advisor, 360° view for umbrellas and soon also AR view for sun umbrellas ensure that customers can easily imagine the products and make a suitable selection.

Practical, contemporary, informative
The fact that the redesign of the online shop is not only well received by customers, but also attracts attention in the professional world, is now confirmed by the acquisa award. "Umbrellas are far more than just practical rain protection, they are also a fashionable stylistic device - and this is exactly what Knirps shows to advantage on its minimalist, elegantly designed site," says the trade magazine in praise of the new website. The jury also emphasised the large product selection with a digital advice function: "A few questions about the desired criteria are answered and the user is presented with a successful selection. The repair service, as a contemporary service, is a practical and, above all, sustainable and sensible addition to a new purchase. The trade magazine found the company history, which Knirps accompanies with a video documentation, a clear timeline and beautiful archive photographs, particularly exciting: "A journey through time that makes it clear that even the smallest utensil can have a story that spans generations.

A Knirps for the little ones

With the ROOKIE, Knirps launches its first children's and youth umbrella - the perfect gift for the Easter nest.

Braunau, 11 April 2022: It weighs only 205 grams, has a diameter of 90 centimetres, has been tested in a wind tunnel up to 90 km/h and has an exclusive handle design with an elastic wrist strap: The new umbrella "ROOKIE" has been specially designed by Knirps for children and young people. Its easy handling and hard-wearing materials make it the perfect companion on bad weather days.

Better visibility on the way to school
The ROOKIE's umbrella canopy has a reflective band all around for maximum visibility on grey days and in the dark. A reflective element is also sewn onto the shell, ensuring a certain level of visibility even when closed. Thanks to its handy pack size and feather-light weight, the ROOKIE can easily fit into any school or sports bag or backpack.

Cool designs for cool kids
For its first children's and youth model, Knirps deliberately does without classic children's motifs and instead focuses on modern colours and cool eye-catching motifs. In addition to the seven strong and clear solid colours Black, Navy, Surf, Flamingo, Capri, Salsa and Lime, the ROOKIE is available in three cheeky designs: Bubble Bust with neon-coloured splashes of colour on a black background, as well as Triple Blue and Triple Pink in a colourful, geometric look.

doppler launches sustainable umbrella series 

Recycled and renewable materials as essential components of the "nature Collection".

With its freshly launched "nature series", Europe's largest umbrella manufacturer is treading innovative paths in sustainable product development. With its new umbrella collection, doppler creates an inseparable synergy of functionality and sustainability. 

Braunau, 20 March 2022: Taking responsibility for the environment is not an option for doppler - rather a must. The high respect for people and nature is impressively visible in the new "nature Collection".

Umbrella canopy made of recycled PET-materials

The sustainable doppler umbrella series includes two pocket umbrellas and one long umbrella whose canopy is made from recycled PET materials. "By reusing materials, we support recycling streams and thus give products a new life," explains Managing Director Martin Würflingsdobler. The impregnation of the canopy is PFC-free. The umbrella handles are made of FSC®-certified or degradable wood.

From Mini to Magic to Long AC

The smallest in the nature family is called "nature Mini", has an umbrella roof with a diameter of 96 cm and can be opened and closed manually. The "nature Magic" is a bit larger and delights its wearers with a practical automatic open/close mechanism. The "nature Long AC" long umbrella offers the largest canopy and is easy to operate thanks to its automatic opening mechanism. The doppler logo is discreetly engraved on the wooden handles of all three models. Environmentally conscious customers can choose from five classic plain colours in the "nature Collection": Gentle Rose, Slate Grey, Deep Olive, Deep Blue and Simple Black, as well as two natural-looking designs: Choice in a light colour with a leaf look and Intention in a dark design with a floral tendril pattern.

In the usual doppler manner, the entire umbrella series has been wind tunnel tested and can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 km/h without any problems, thus contributing to the durability of doppler products. On top of that, the sustainable umbrellas come with a 3-year guarantee.

doppler supports sustainable forest protection projects

"Combating the climate crisis and protecting the habitat of many species does not stop with the product, but continues right on our doorstep - in the green lungs of the world: our forests," says Würflingsdobler. For example, doppler supports the preservation and creation of near-natural forests and thus makes an active contribution to environmental protection.

The roof made from former PET bottles, handle, slider & co. made from hemp - Knirps launches sustainable umbrella model

Recycled and environmentally friendly materials as essential components of the new Knirps VISION

Braunau, 26 January 2022: The Knirps philosophy states that an umbrella is not a disposable product, but can be repaired if necessary and used for years. This sustainability concept has now been expanded in the new Knirps VISION to include the use of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. 

Masterpiece in sustainability
The fabric for the canopy is made from recycled PET bottles and coated with ecorepel® - a PFC-free, biodegradable, water- and dirt-repellent layer. The handle, slider, crown and top are made of Trifilon®, a biocomposite material made from natural hemp. This is significantly more durable than conventional plastic and is 100 percent industrially compostable. The composting of Trifilon® does not produce any microplastics - unlike plastic, which is disposed of in household waste. 
The convenient opening and closing mechanism at the push of a button in combination with the 97 centimetre diameter and the durable material components of the frame make the VISION an indispensable, future-oriented and wind tunnel-tested everyday hero. The new member of the Knirps family is available in the colours: Dust, Root, Plant, Terra and Water The collection is rounded off with the three variants Air Blue, Air Fire and Air Clouds, each in a discreet dot design. The VISION is packed in an untreated cardboard box.
Knirps VISION in Pre-Selection of the Green Product Award
The confirmation that the Knirps VISION is a particularly sustainable product has also been received by the company through its inclusion in the pre-selection for the Green Product Award 2022. The award recognises products and services from established companies and start-ups for their outstanding achievements in the areas of sustainability, design and innovation. The official voting for the nominees is currently underway and the winners will be published in the summer. 

Umbrellas from around the world – 75 years of doppler
Europe's largest umbrella manufacturer celebrates anniversary

The traditional company doppler looks back on a 75-year success story, which would not have been possible without the courage, diligence and optimism of all the generations involved. Seven eventful decades in which doppler, with its excellent products, made the leap from Upper Austria into the world and is today considered the largest umbrella manufacturer in Europe.

Braunau, 14 April 2021: "For 75 years, our family-run traditional company has stood for competence, innovation and quality," says Managing Director Hermann Würflingsdobler proudly. With the brands doppler and Knirps, the two most important brands worldwide in the field of umbrellas and sunshades belong to the group of companies. "As an internationally successful production and trading company, we maintain subsidiaries in Europe and Asia; to be more precise, there are locations in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hong Kong. Our customers come from over 40 countries," reports Würflingsdobler. After the 2020 expansion, Europe's largest umbrella manufacturer currently employs 360 people, 200 of them at the company headquarters in Braunau. "There are more than seven decades between the foundation and the present. A lot has changed in the course of time – the products, the markets and the people. The commitment to best quality and highest dedication to customers and employees continues", says the managing director, who took over the company's fortunes from his father in the 1990s.

 doppler history in brief

In 1946 Ernst Doppler founded the company doppler in Braunau with a handful of employees. With good intuition, experience and enthusiasm for his work, the businessman quickly made a good name for himself on the umbrella market. In the mid-50s, daughter Renate Doppler and her husband Hermann Würflingsdobler senior joined the company. Full of motivation, the two continued to push ahead with the production and sale of umbrellas. A building extension at the company site was accompanied by a strategic expansion of the product portfolio – garden umbrellas were added to the range in 1962, and editions in 1970. In 1971, the company was founded in Germany. "My wife Margit and I pushed the internationalisation of doppler from 1988 onwards. We quickly established successful subsidiaries in Eastern Europe and Asia," says Würflingsdobler. In 1990, the trade in garden furniture was added. In order to keep up with the growth and technical development, a large new building was constructed in 1999. "The purchase of the Knirps brand together with a Swiss partner in 2005 was another important step in our company history," the managing director looks back. With the two great-grandchildren of the company founder, Martin Würflingsdobler and Ulrike Kinder, the fourth generation joined the family business in 2015 and 2020. There is ongoing investment in optimising production, the warehouse, the supply chain and the digital future.





doppler, E. Doppler & Co. GmbH was founded in 1946 by Ernst Doppler and has since developed into an innovative pioneer in the manufacture of parasols, umbrellas and advertising umbrellas. In addition to its headquarters in Braunau am Inn in Upper Austria, the fourth-generation family business has branches in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and China. doppler leads the way in the development and manufacture of all types of parasols and umbrellas for end consumers, dealers, advertising customers or restaurateurs. The production of garden and seat cushion pads as well as a well thought-out garden furniture collection to round off the range also make the traditional company a comprehensive supplier for the outdoor area. The company's portfolio includes the product brands doppler, doppler Manufaktur, Knirps and derby. Furthermore, the Austrian manufacturer has licences for the production and distribution of Bugatti brand umbrellas. In addition, the company produces umbrellas for numerous brands such as Rolls Royce, Audi or Marco Polo. doppler currently employs about 200 people in Austria and 360 in the entire group, the annual turnover amounts to about 80 million euros with an export share of over 80%.