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Everyone knows that a lot of sunlight is not healthy. Nevertheless, you don't want to do without it when the days get longer and summer approaches. A cantilever umbrella in the garden or on the patio can help. At doppler, you will find your ideal cantilever umbrella for shade where you need it.

High-quality cantilever umbrellas - square, rectangular, round

There are two types of parasol for outdoor use: Centre-pole umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas. The cantilever umbrella, also known as a free-arm umbrella or pendulum umbrella, gets its name from its shape. In contrast to the centre pole umbrella, the base and the stand are located to the side away from the actual canopy. This allows you to make optimum use of the shaded area, as neither the base nor the stand take up any direct space under the sunshade.


Our range includes a wide variety of cantilever umbrellas that can be easily opened and closed using a crank. Depending on your personal preferences, the space available and the desired shade area, you will find square cantilever umbrellas, rectangular cantilever umbrellas or round cantilever umbrellas. Our cantilever sunshades are of course also available in different colours and sizes. If you still want to change the look, you will find a large selection of cantilever umbrella fabrics for re-covering in our shop.

Cantilever umbrellas from doppler: shade with UV protection

One of the most important criteria for an umbrella is sun protection. This is the reason why all doppler and derby umbrellas are equipped with UV protection. Our cantilever umbrellas have UV protection from 50+ to 80+ without compromising on lightfastness. This means that you can stay out in the sun for 50 or 80 times longer without getting sunburned. The higher the UV protection, the better. In addition, dark colours and heavy, thick and firm fabrics usually guarantee higher sun protection.

Frequently asked questions about doppler cantilever umbrellas

What are the advantages of swivelling and tilting?

The swivelling and tilting function allows you to optimally adjust the doppler sunshade to the position of the sun. You can extend and adjust the shade area in a targeted manner. This ensures that the respective area is optimally shaded. This also gives you better protection from low sun. Some of our swivelling cantilever umbrellas can be rotated 360 degrees and swivelled axially on both sides. Doppler tilting sunshades can be inclined up to 7 positions.

What materials are the cantilever umbrellas made of?

High-quality, weatherproof and robust aluminium is used for the frames of our cantilever umbrellas. These are also available in a wood look. The fabrics are made of waterproof polyester. Our sustainable cantilever umbrellas are made entirely from recycled PET material.

How wind-resistant are the cantilever umbrellas?

Due to their construction, cantilever umbrellas are usually not as wind-resistant as other umbrellas. However, some of our cantilever umbrellas have a wind valve to minimise the risk of tipping over in strong winds. You can also use a cantilever umbrella stand to increase stability. However, even wind-stable cantilever umbrellas have their limits and should be closed or temporarily dismantled as a precaution in strong winds to avoid possible damage.

Are cantilever umbrellas also suitable for the balcony?

Cantilever umbrellas are large sunshades and therefore need a lot of space so that they can be operated properly. A balcony should be at least 5 x 5 metres in size. If this is not the case, you can simply use one of our balcony umbrellas.

Purchase high-quality cantilever umbrellas from doppler online

A holiday feeling at home in the garden or on the patio: with a cantilever umbrella from doppler, this is definitely a given. With us, you get quality, functionality and durability at the best prices. From a purchase value of 29 euros, you also benefit from free standard shipping.

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