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It's finally warm again! To protect yourself from the burning sun, an umbrella is an indispensable companion in summer, whether in the garden, on the patio or on the balcony. To ensure that your umbrella has a secure stand, you will find the ideal umbrella stand at doppler - with or without wheels.

Umbrella stand for every model

Umbrella stands are not only practical accessories that hold the umbrella securely, but also contribute to a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Granite bases are known for their timeless elegance and high stability. With a solid block of granite as a base, they not only provide a secure hold, but also create aesthetic accents.
Plastic bases are particularly flexible and can be filled with various materials, such as sand or water, to adjust the weight and therefore the stability.
Concrete bases provide a solid and heavy base for parasols. They are particularly wind-resistant and stable.
Centre pole umbrella stands: These stands are specially designed for centre pole umbrellas and offer a secure hold.
Cantilever umbrella stands: cantilever umbrella stands are designed to compensate for the lateral overhang of a cantilever umbrella.

doppler stands for quality

Why should you choose an umbrella stand from doppler?

High-quality materials: doppler relies on the use of first-class materials, whether granite, concrete or plastic.
Precise workmanship: umbrella stands from doppler are precisely manufactured and durable.
Robustness: The umbrella stands are designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions.
With and without wheels: Our umbrella stands are also available with practical wheels. This makes it easy to move from A to B.

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Frequently asked questions about the umbrella stands from doppler

How do I determine the correct weight of the umbrella stand?

The right weight for your umbrella is crucial for safe use in different weather conditions.

Umbrella size

180 cm

200 cm

250 cm

300 cm

350 cm

400 cm

Minimum base weight

25 kg

30 kg

40 kg

50 kg

70 kg

90 kg


A cantilever umbrella is more sensitive to wind and therefore requires different weights.

Umbrella size

from 300 cm

from 330 cm

from 350 cm

from 400 cm

Minimum base weight

100 kg

120 kg

140 kg

200 kg

Which umbrella stands are suitable for the balcony?

Specially designed umbrella stands are therefore indispensable on balconies, where space is often at a premium. Granite bases are an ideal solution for balconies to ensure safe and stylish sun protection even in the tightest of spaces. However, due to the low weight of the stand, additional securing with a balcony clamp is required. This specially developed clamp ensures that the balcony sunshade is securely anchored to the railing, thereby significantly increasing its stability and solidity.

Which umbrella stands can be installed in the garden?

Choosing the right umbrella stand for the garden is crucial, not only to ensure a secure hold for the umbrella, but also to achieve harmonious integration into the green surroundings. A lawn spike for the umbrella, which has been specially developed for installing on lawns, is particularly effective. This solution allows the parasol to be positioned flexibly in the garden. To do this, the ground anchor is screwed vertically into the ground using the socket spanner, the stand tube is placed on the thread, tightened and fixed in place with the screw. The sunshade pole can then be inserted into the stand tube and secured with the two fastening screws.

Which stand for which umbrella?

Choosing the right umbrella stand is important for the necessary stability, but also for harmonious integration into the surroundings. There are a number of factors to consider:

Umbrella size and weight: The larger a sunshade is, the more susceptible it is to wind and the heavier the base should be.
Site of use: Depending on where the parasol is used, whether in the garden, on the patio or on the balcony, different parasol stands are also suitable.
Location: In regions with strong winds, it is advisable to choose a particularly stable stand such as a granite or concrete base.

Which stands are ideal for large umbrellas?

Large umbrellas provide plenty of shade, but also need a stable and reliable stand. Solid granite sunshade stands are particularly suitable here. Sturdy stainless steel ground anchors also enable firm anchoring in the ground.

Which is better: a round or square umbrella stand?

doppler offers both round and square stands to meet individual requirements. The square version is often favoured for balconies, as its shape allows it to be positioned at the edge of the balcony to save space. However, the choice between round and square stands often depends on personal visual preferences and the location. Both solutions are an aesthetic addition to the doppler sunshades and create stylish accents on patios, in gardens or other outdoor areas.


Purchase robust umbrella stands from doppler online

Looking for robust umbrella stands? Browse our large selection of umbrella stands that are suitable for every need and every environment. The umbrella stands are made from high-quality materials and offer maximum stability. From an order value of €29, you also benefit from free delivery. Choose your suitable sunshade stand now and enjoy carefree hours outdoors!