Since 1946, doppler Manufaktur has stood for quality, craftsmanship and the promise of "Made in Austria". The family business cultivates a tradition that continues to this day and is lived every day with all its heart and passion.

There are more than seven decades between then and now. In the course of time, many things have changed - the products, the markets and the people. But one thing always remains: the commitment to the highest quality. doppler Manufaktur umbrellas are the right choice for all those who value craftsmanship, individuality and sustainability.

Italian fabrics, fine woods from Europe and Canada and sophisticated technology are the components of each individually crafted umbrella. doppler Manufaktur umbrellas are sustainable products: The highly qualified specialists in the Manufaktur workshop not only manufacture umbrellas, but also repair cherished (heirloom) pieces.

Every Manufaktur umbrella is truly unique and much more than just a product with a protective function. Today, the umbrella is an indispensable accessory and fashion statement that combines traditional values with modern attitude, zeitgeist and sustainability. In the past, umbrellas were inherited. We want to revive this tradition with our doppler Manufaktur umbrellas.



Technical sophistication meets minimalist design |the umbrella with the red dot.


Knirps' sophisticated umbrellas with telescopic pole stand for German engineering, highest quality, perfect design and excellent technology.

An original umbrella from Knirps consists of up to 310 individual parts. Each one of them embodies technical sophistication and functionality, which are visible in the umbrella with the unmistakable red dot.

Since 1928, the development team has been constantly researching the further development of the "little guy", as inventor Hans Haupt called him - always guided by the idea of functionality paired with minimalist design without unnecessary frills.

It is not without reason that Knirps has been the innovation leader in the pocket umbrella segment for decades, is represented around the globe and is particularly popular with business customers as an established brand product.

The constant reliability, unbeatable durability, well thought-out safety and user-friendly comfort speak for the high quality of a distinctive Knirps umbrella, which is underlined by the extended manufacturer's guarantee of five years. In addition to the practical pocket umbrellas, the range also includes large stick and partner umbrellas.


For every weather condition and every preference


A doppler umbrella accompanies you through life.

The umbrellas from doppler are characterised by their outstanding quality and durability, which means that they meet even the highest demands. The diverse range of designs, shapes and colours make the umbrella a fashionable accessory full of technical refinements.


An umbrella that accompanies the whole family through bad weather days from childhood onwards: That can only be a genuine doppler umbrella. It reliably protects against rain in all weathers and can withstand even strong gusts of wind without any problems. doppler also stands for this with an extended manufacturer's guarantee of three years.

However, if something should break, doppler's own replacement and repair service will be there to help and advise you for the rest of your life.

The variety of different versions and designs - the right one for every occasion, whatever the season and whatever the taste - also contribute to the good reputation of doppler products.

Whether pocket umbrellas, long umbrellas, children's umbrellas or umbrellas for special occasions - the focus is always on product benefit: the robust Carbonsteel series, for example, is juxtaposed with the ultra-light umbrellas of the zero family. Motif umbrellas and patterns of the current fashion season round off the extensive range. 

Extended Warranty Carbonsteel Umbrellas

To take advantage of the extended warranty of 5 years of Carbonsteel umbrellas it is no longer necessary to register, it is only necessary to keep the invoice receipt.



Top quality for the price-conscious public


derby is aimed at all those customers who are particularly price-conscious but do not want to forego certain quality criteria. The umbrellas follow clear brand standards for mechanics, colour fastness, fabric grammar and UV protection.


The umbrellas of the derby brand convince with their coherent overall concept and their attractive price-performance ratio. In the price-conscious segment, derby sets standards and thus skilfully stands out from the competition. Despite the favourable price, customers do not have to fear any losses in terms of technology and design - on the contrary. Quality and low price are not contradictory at derby.

The youngest member of the doppler family offers a fashionable range that appeals above all to a young clientele that appreciates functional products. Fashion-conscious occasional buyers are guaranteed to find what they are looking for in the product range. It includes all relevant articles - from manually operated long umbrellas to automatic models.

Like all brands from the traditional doppler company, derby umbrellas also follow clear brand standards in terms of UV protection, fabric grammar, colour fastness and mechanics. The favourable price is the result of efficient large-scale production and concentration in the range.